How is it this warm????

How is it this warm????

Sweating?? thought so!! Who said owning a Bakery would be a good idea in the UK? oh yes, me!! why? because all it does is rain normally? and of course in my first year its the hottest KNOWN TO MAN!!!! typical!!! 

Anyhooo... How are you all? good i hope, I hope by the time you are reading this, I've finally launched this website LOL!! I wanted to update you all, I have transformed the front of my floral palace into a Pudding Parlour, where you can enjoy Pancakes, Waffles, coffees, sodas the lot!! So i insist you come on down & pass judgment ( great british past time ha) along with this, we are in full swing of the wedding season, we have totally hit the ground running & its been wedding after wedding ( stressful... im sure you can relate) WHAT AM I SAYING??? i havent even told you the biggest news of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are now stocked in HARVEY NICHOLS food hall MCR!!!! are you proud?? i am! I'm so pleased with my team and how far we have come in just under a year, so if your over manchester way doing a spot of shopping, pop in and grab a cupcake or Macaron :) 


Well im off to stick my head in the freezer, catch up with you soon. 


Mucho Love 

Natalie xx