Is January Over? Phew!! we made it!

Is January Over? Phew!! we made it!

Happy New Year guys and girls! ✨🥂✨


Apologies that we’re late to the party with our “new year new us” blog. January is basically over but oh well, we’ve been hella busy with our plans for 2020!  Can you believe we are in a brand-new decade? I am still writing most dates as though I’m stuck in 2012. I think I need to catch up by 8 years lol! 🤣


Admittedly we have been quiet on the blog side of things due to LOTS of exciting stuff happening at the Pink Palace. 😜

This includes the arrival of myself, Haley! I am new to the S&L team this year and I’m so excited for all that is to come in 2020! 


I’ve taken it upon myself to become what I like to call a “career bitch” of 2020 hahaha! Has anyone else given themselves a title for 2020 or is this just me? 🙋🏻‍♀️


Have any of you given Veganuary a go? 🌿

I lasted about 3 hours and then I ate a chicken satay! 🍗 Safe to say I plan to do better at sticking to my other goals for this year. 


SO enough of my waffling about vegans and how silly the new addition to S&L can be. 

2020 is going to be an exciting year for all things Sugar and Layer and we are so grateful for everybody who has joined us along the way. 💕


2020 will see the launch of our Cookery School where you can learn cake decorating AND sugar craft! 🧁 How generous are we? Additionally, the Pink Palace (AKA Sugar & Layer HQ), will now host intimate events in our gorgeous shop.  This can be your baby shower, children’s birthday party or even a Hen Party! 🥳🍾🍩


As we look forward to the year ahead we hope you get the chance to pop in for coffee and cake or if you’re lazy like me, divulge in our heavenly postal brownies! ☕🍰


Throughout the year we will be running all sorts of competitions for you to nab some of your favourite treats for FREE! So, keep your eyes peeled 👀 and be sure to stalk our social media like it’s your ex boyfriend’s new woman 😉. You know what I mean…


See you all soon, 💗


Love, Haley x