My First BLOG by Natalie

My First BLOG by Natalie


Hope I've managed to keep your attention thus far…… Lets say i have LOL 

So i thought id run with the whole “ this is me” ( totes stolen from Greatest Showman) seen as this is my first ever blog post, what could be better than rattling on about myself eh? 

Here goes….. QUICK hit the x button LOL 

If people were to describe me, i guess it would start with head strong, opinionated, perhaps slightly intimating, creative, funny and a huge passion for chasing daft dreams and never giving up on the notion that the future is indeed female. The biggest advocate for being an absolute GIRL BOSS!!! 

Day dreaming constantly, led me to believe i could start my own business ( again.. jesus!!! ) 

So… here i am, living the dream in my pink floral palace in the heart of the Ribble Valley serving up delish cakes every god damn day & i absolutely adore it!!! Like yes its tough and i have my days ( who doesn’t  GLUG!! GLUG!!) but i wouldn’t have my life any other way, i am single, with no children and have no one to answer to ( which sometimes is a great thing) well i have to answer to the voices in my head but thats a whole other blog LOL. 

Without boring you too much, I think it far easier for people to change their life, if they actually believe they can change it. There will always be a reason not to do something, the world is made up of two kinds of people…. the people who have the “FEAR” and the people who need to get the “FEAR” LOL ( literally quoting FRIENDS right now). Stay…. focused Natalie… Whats the saying? if nothing changes, nothing changes LOL something like that, anyway i digress. I am in no way the perfect candidate to be a business woman or a cake shop owner i guess,  I am just a little girl from a small town of Burnley with huge BALLS ( Jokes) a girl with a determination to be better than i was yesterday, to inspire other women, to be creative, to live outside your own head and most of all  make some dollar from doing something i absolutely adore.  

Here comes the plug…. I've launched swanky new service, where you can enjoy our treats & they will be delivered right to your doorstep, so head over to the online shop & bag yourself some brownies ;) 

Mucho love, 

Nat x